Liberation Mass

Liberation Mass

The "Liberation Mass" is the Eucharistic Celebration officially celebrated by the Diocesan Commission on Occult and Satanism. It is celebrated every month in various churches at 18:30. Every celebration mass has its special intentions and special prayers on a particular theme. After the homily, priests will pray on each person present at the Eucharist.

10 January 1830hrs - Furjana Knisja Arcipretali ta' San Publiju

7 February 1830hrs - Parrocca Rahal Gdid - Madonna ta' Lourdes

13 March 1830hrs - Parrocca Siggiewi - San Nikola

10 April 1830hrs - Parrocca Sta Lucija - San Piu X

8 May 1830hrs - Parrocca San Gwann - Madonna ta Lourdes

12 June 1830hrs - Parrocca Hamrun – Kuncizzjoni

10 July 1830hrs - Parrocca Zabbar - Madonna tal-Grazzja

7 August 1830hrs - Parrocca Kalkara - San Guzepp

11 September 1830hrs - Parrocca Qormi - San Bastjan

9 October 1830hrs - Parrocca Qawra - San Frangisk t' Assisi

13 November 1830hrs - Parrocca Sta Venera - Santa Venera

11 December 1830hrs - Parrocca Hamrun - San Gejtanu

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