The Devil & Exorcism


The Devil & Exorcism

by Fr Elias Vella OFM Conv

It has become the fashion nowadays to talk about the devil. Some do this to deny his existence. There are amongst them some theologians like HAAG, KASPER, FRANZONI and others, who, subsequent to the Vatican Council, placed in doubt the 2000-years-old belief of the Church.

Then, there are those who talk about him with a certain sense of fear, convinced in their belief that the devil exists everywhere and see his hand in all things, blaming him for all that happens to them declaring him to have had a hand in their misfortunes. There are also those who speak about the devil with a certain amount of enthusiasm to a point where they are prepared to adore him and work hand-in-hand with him to establish his reign on earth. These are the Satanists.

Finally, there are those who prefer to ignore him, not only because they are not interested in the subject but also because they feel that topics of this nature belonged to the middle ages rather than the world of to-day - the age of space-travel and computers.

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